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In a rapidly changing world, much of humanity has become stuck in a scarcity mindset of distrust. It’s time to shift things up to transform how people, businesses and communities communicate and perform.
Strategies to realize purposeful growth with a bold vision to:
EMPOWERindividuals to find the courage to be themselves more
CREATEpositive impact and sustainable results for organizations
UNITEdiverse cultures with shared experiences and value alignment

We stand for:


Ideas that truly resonate hit at a deep level, where we are the most alike and united. Soulful communication is the only kind of marketing worth doing.


Living in alignment with one’s core self results in the confidence of others, freedom of spirit and personal well-being.


Now more than ever, people are seeking authentic connections that lead to abundance. Collaborative synergy is the product of trust and respect.


We honor the ability to express ourselves as a path toward self-discovery, growth and understanding.

We value:


Trusting relationships that foster creativity are open and collaborative, allowing us to develop and recognize the best solutions. We trust the process.


Trust and respect are like the chicken and the egg. You’ll never know which came first in a relationship, but if you don’t have one, you don’t have the other.


Congruent values + Shared goals + Supportive culture = Inspired ideas


A deeper connection to purpose in actualizing one’s goals is about creating positive opportunities to grow whole.

Our team

Leading the way forward.
We are a team of like-minded “Shifters,” proven leaders with experience across a variety of disciplines who believe in delivering breakthrough performance and achievements, creating memorable and lasting experiences, and enriching the lives of others.
Eben Greene

I provide creative leadership, nurturing positive working relationships within our team and with our clients. I ensure the delivery of exceptional work.

Eben Greene
Vision Keeper
Joey Viola

I help client’s understand their audience, the story they are telling that audience, and help them spark meaningful growth for their business through marketing.

Joey Viola
Digital Marketing
David Gorsuch

I prepare and guide companies for scale and accelerate their growth initiatives.

David Gorsuch
Growth Leadership
Paul Haury

I help you and your teams create a culture of belonging that crushes fear & makes your aspirations happen.

Paul Haury
Culture Development
Peter Miller

I help clients transform their interactive vision into reality.

Peter Miller
Interactive Development
Dale Favors

I help cultivate leaders that are looking for meaningful personal and business growth.

Dale Favors
Sales Leadership
Todd Olsen

I help companies unlock the power of their brand by listening to their story, understanding their customer, and distilling their unique brand promise and messaging into something meaningful and actionable.

Todd Olsen
Brand Positioning
Michael David

I help ensure the interactive experience of your brand is authentic and creates a meaningful connection with your audience.

Michael David
Interactive Design
Bez Palmer

I visualize your brand values and business goals through high quality print and digital design.

Bez Palmer
Brand Design
Andrew Sharpe

I collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to build their brand from within by integrating their promise & their purpose into every consumer touchpoint and through every team member.

Andrew Sharpe
Brand Integration
Dwayn Fricke

Driven by the challenge of creating results, I implement effective and strategic SEO and SEM tactics for all clients.

Dwayn Fricke
Search Marketing
Maya Rosa

I support ShiftUp’s leadership in creating meaningful business growth for companies.

Maya Rosa
Marketing Support

Bring your best self forward.

“Be You More” is a philosophy that we here at ShiftUp really get behind because we believe that when you are living your values and showing up as your best self, the world will be a more energized and rewarding place to be.

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