Bartell Drugs

Brand + Culture


The nation’s oldest family-owned drugstore chain was looking to re-energize their brand strategy and community impact in celebration of their 125th Anniversary in business.

Bartell Drugs Customer
Bartell Drugs Marketing Handout

The Shift

Washington’s Own Drugstore was adapting to many changes on its home turf, including the entry of yet another national drugstore chain, not to mention a few hundred thousand new residents who had never heard of Bartell Drugs. That’s where we came in. During our 3-year partnership, ShiftUp developed a new brand foundation that included naming, positioning, messaging, visual standards, in-store signage and product identity. After developing a new website, we led a comprehensive 125th Anniversary Marketing campaign that featured billboards, in-store display, community events and special edition craft beer and wine packaging.

Bartell Drugs Logo
Bartell Drugs Red Vest Icon Design
Bartell Drugs 125th Anniversary Logo Design
Bartell Drugs Washingon's Own Logo Design
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Bartell Drugs Website Design
Bartell Drugs Label Designs
Bartell Drugs Label Design
Bartell Drugs Label Design


Since their 125th celebration, Bartells has added many new stores. The five-year transformation plan and brand standards ShiftUp developed continue to be utilized to guide marketing strategies and the design of collateral and the in-store experience.