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To successfully launch a global innovation company within 2 months a new name needed to be selected, a rebrand needed to be implemented and the brand message, website, and marketing collateral needed to be developed.

Xinova Website Homepage Design
Xinova Website Design

The Shift

Fortunately, the visual brand had already been developed and once the company name was approved, it was our job to bring it to life. We filled in the missing pieces by developing a compelling brand message and content strategy to target corporate clients and attract inventors with a breakthrough website, presentations and marketing tools. The ShiftUp team in collaboration with Xinova’s marketing team worked around the clock to deliver everything needed to go to market, right on time.

Xinova Website Design
Xinova Website on iMac


With a solid brand foundation and a “best responsive” award-winning website, Xinova started strong and quickly grew as a business with our continued partnership. As part of their journey, they adjusted their business strategy several times, raised money, downsized, re-grown and raised money again. Our creative leadership continues to support each stage of Xinova’s growth.