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Next Level Strategy

Leadership is putting vision into action.

Own Your Position

Know what customers want, build your business model around them.

Define Your Vision

Create a clear picture of your future, and align purpose to realize mission.

Chart Your Course

Build a roadmap with go als and next steps to implement your plan.

Reveal roadblocks, clarify purpose and map out a NextLevel Strategy to power your business forward.

It’s about innovation and making smart decisions that will get you short-term results and sustainable revenue growth. We listen to understand your goals and collaborate with your team to uncover opportunities with research and creative ideation. Then, key business, brand, sales, marketing, and culture strategies are integrated into a plan that addresses what your business needs most based on the Grow Forward Model. “Quick wins” solutions are deployed in tandem with initiatives and programs that are developed over time.

Together, we do more than just visualize what could be, we develop breakthrough strategies for what, how, why and when we will make shift happen to get your business to the next level.

Next Level Strategy
Grow further, faster.

Business Optimization

Optimize performance with people, technology and systems. We help you master and execute your critical strategic initiatives with a focus on:

FINANCIAL/MANAGEMENT AUDIT – Get a clear picture of cash flow, business model and business structure, then, map out a plan to scale growth.

LEAD-TO-REVENUE JOURNEY MAPPING – We work with you to optimize systems and automate workflows to improve and accelerate sales conversion and retention across your entire customer lifecycle and all channels.

DATA REPORTING AND PERFORMANCE – We help you drive value-rich outcomes that increase productivity, client engagement and marketing ROI with greater data visibility and performance training programs.

Leadership Development

Leadership can be defined as a combination of skills and values that stimulates others to seek guidance. Influential leaders create a culture that is inclusive, collaborative and is a training ground for greatness. The right leadership approach can positively impact productivity and motivate team members.

ShiftUp can customize programs for Individual contributors, team leaders and senior managers that will focus on:

  • Establishing a unique leadership style
  • Being willing to adjust and move out of comfort zones
  • Managing diverse teams
  • Being an influential leader
  • Conflict resolution & problem solving
  • Methods that motivate
  • Being a champion of change

Sales Transformation

We prepare you to quickly pivot to meet rapidly changing customer demands to compete and win sales by engaging your most productive client-facing professionals.

ShiftUp ensures the alignment of management, sales & service teams to cohesively working to grow revenue.

SALES PROCESS – Adapt to the changing business landscape with processes that stay lock-step with business trends, while uncovering new revenue opportunities.

  • Territory Review
  • Talent Assessment
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data Management & Integration

Sales Training / Coaching

Equipping your people with the skills and behaviors that allow them to proactively engage with clients, provide an unparalleled customer experience, while building loyalty and winning more deals. ShiftUp provides customized training programs that energize and motivate your sales team to maximize their performance. Our sales methodology stays true to the fundamentals of communicating and building trust.

Coaching provides the framework for perfecting the art of consultative selling. High performing sales organizations believe that training is one of the quintessential ways to motivate teams, consistently outperform expectations, and limit employee turnover. Coaching allows managers to reinforce positive habits and presents opportunities to share best practices that have been successfully battle-tested.

ShiftUp works to improve performance and team collaboration by working with managers and individuals to cultivate an environment that is highly communicative and mutually beneficial.


Find the courage to activate your vision.

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