What's your ValYouTM today?

Creating positive shared experiences.

Uniting humanity

Inspiring people to clear their fears and express their best is what our community events, workshops and products are all about. Liberating soul is the goal as we bring awareness to the process to: heal > grow > empower.

Are your beliefs asleep?

The ValYous™ were created to remind people to live true – to be their most authentic self.

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ValYousTM of Foundation

What we believe on a core level sets the stage for how each of us show up in life. Self-acceptance is about being honest with who you are and trusting that you and others fit into a larger, more abundant plan. Giving back and caring for another is the love we express from our soul. The foundational ValYous are the roots for your fruits.

Foundation Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Inspiration

As we face the realities of life, there is a lot that we do not understand. Good things happen and we are very thankful. Sometimes, we want to show kindness to others. Bad things happen too. When we are tested, we move forward with faith, and we move on with hope and forgiveness. The ValYous that inspire shape our vision and bring a sense of grace to our life.

Inspiration Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Transformation

The defining moments that help us to grow as individuals happens over time. The path to realize full potential and to truly love oneself takes courage. Awareness and the ability to receive and give support in a positive and empowering way is what personal transformation requires. ValYous that transform people move from the ego to the point of soul return: empowerment.

Transformation Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Connection

It is easy to show up and be your soul every day, when we feel supported by others around you. Fortitude to be you more often rewards you with like-minded friendships and meaningful intimate relationships. No matter how you are part of a team, family or community, you always have the opportunity to provide service and deepen those ValYous of connection.

Connection Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Mastery

Giving your best effort to achieve something worthwhile is how you power and passion is expressed. Overtime, you become secure in yourself and your abilities. Humbly, you honor your own strengths and show respect for the strengths of others. The ValYou of balance comes naturally as you begin to focus inward, making inspired choices to master your own reality.

Mastery Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Transcendence

At a certain point, you get your groove going and lead your life with clarity. Your devotion to act with integrity attracts opportunities that expand your influence and deepens your wisdom. Positive synergy with like-minded people, transforms possibility into breakthroughs of self-discovery and joyful success. Being true to who you are is about going further with ValYous that transcend where you were before.

Transcendence Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Realization

Our ability to manifest what we want is rooted in our beliefs and the choices we make. Having a sense of purpose confidently focused our actions to create a more authentic and integrated life. Finding inner peace is often realizing the equality of the physical and spiritual world in your day-to-day experience. The ValYous that shape greatness are gifts that we can all access, we simply need to be present to win.

Realization Valyou Pack

ValYousTM of Liberation

Growing whole is the goal as you take responsibility for your fulfillment. A commitment to be true to yourself brings soul empowerment and personal freedom. You begin to attract interdependent relationships that liberate purposeful actions that unite like-minded people within an inclusive, conscious community.

Liberation ValYou Pack

Be You More

Our Mission

To heal, grow and empower people by liberating soul and transforming fear.
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